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Access Control

Specialising in access control is what we do.

Whatever your price range is and whatever size of installation you require we can cater for your needs. Using only the best equipment at all times ensures that your installation is proven to work and keep your business or school safe. 

door entry systems.
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We actively promote Paxton as our technology of choice. Its wide range of applications and flexible solutions means that it can fit any requirements you may need.
Using IP based video entry means that you can see who is there before you let them in. And using fobs/cards or even keypad entry reduces the time on staff having to permit entry to everybody attending site. The fobs and cards can be programmed for single use or permitted for only certain doors meaning if you have multiple business's operating on one site you can decide what doors people have access to.

The Net2 controlling software is incredibly flexible. When your installation is complete we offer free training so you can administer the system yourself, however if you want continued support we are happy to offer maintenance contracts that mean you can get on with your day.
With great features such as attendance records, and fire panel integration, the software can print off a roll call in the event of a fire alarm meaning you have a list of on site staff that you can check off in the event of an emergency.


Paxton is SIP compliant meaning that it can be linked to your telephone system.

Devereux Data are SIP experts we can do this all in house so no third party contractors are required.  If required, at the press of a door panel,  Paxton devices can call through to any phone of your choice,  even a mobile phone.  So if your not there at the time you can still let people in or out.

Lock down

Doors can be locked down at the touch of a button. So if your site is under threat you have the power to keep the people on your premises safe.

Phone Integration

Because paxton is SIP compliant we can integrate it with your phone system meaning that you can open doors from anywhere in your property rather than being limited to a Paxton monitor.

Fire alarm Roll Call

Paxton is clever enough so that in the even of the fire it will automatically print of to a network printer of the people who are on site .

Alarm Integration

Paxton will integrate with your intruder alarm meaning that it will disengage the alarm if a correct fob had been detected on entry saving on potential false alarms.

Time Control

Automatic time locking and unlocking means that your premises can control its doors for certain times of the day meaning easier access or lock down.

Mobile App

Paxton have a great mobile app that allows you to control your system from the device you have with you giving further freedom when using the system

Card and Fob Access

Administer your access by providing card or fob access to your site meaning only the people you want onsite get on site.

Keypad Entry

When you don't have any spare cards or fobs, you can easily issue a pin code to people to gain access. This pin code can then be simply removed from the software.

Make Access Easier

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