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wireless cctv camera system,
wireless cctv camera system

Hikvision boast a powerful range of cost effective cameras to protect either your home or your business. To prove this, the image you can see is the night vision on one of its base range cameras. And with quality like that at such a low price you can be sure whatever solution you pick will service you and your premises well.

The Hik Connect or IVMS apps allow you to view your property wherever you are in the world.
Wheteher you have a single site or multiple, all can be applied to one single platform meaning no messing around when you want to make sure all of your property is safe.

best cctv camera
hikvision cctv

Hik Allows you to create specified motion detection.

No more being alerted to people walking past your property.  You can simply draw a virtual trip wire,  this way you know if you are being alterted to an intruder it really is something that you should be looking at.  You can even adjust the sensitivity so a falling leaf or a stray cat doesn’t calse a false alarm.

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