Technology Specialists for Education

The Covid-19 Pandemic brought new challenges to the education sector.

Devereux Data help schools and educational establishments to harness technology to help them continue safe and effective learning to their students.

  • Modern, interconnected telephone systems with great functionality
  • Access Control systems that provide control over who is allowed into building
  • Front gate integration and video access control
  • Public address systems
  • Lockdown ready – to support safety protocol in the event of incidents
  • Microsoft Teams specialists – supporting delivery of online learning
  • Absence Facility – via voicemail
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Phone Systems
Access Control
Public Address
Teams Specialists
Absence Facility
Lockdown Facility
Air Lock Facility

What is Security Lockdown?

Lockdown is the facility to secure the site through a single action by disabling access through selected doors. This includes disabling exit buttons and relocking doors held open by time zones. Specific users can be permitted to pass through these doors during the Lockdown condition.

During a security Lockdown, it may be necessary for certain staff to move around the site to investigate and attend to the incident.

There is a check box in each user record that may be selected to allow the user to operate doors that are in a Lockdown state. Their normal permissions will still apply and so doors normally barred to them will remain so. This is called a user lockdown exemption


  • Audible alarm via PA when lockdown is initiated
  • Direct link to PA system via handset to alert
  • Simple button press to initiate automated recording alerting all to lockdown
Paxton Net2 - Access Control for Edcuation Environments

Absence Facility

Relieve staff from unwanted calls using Voicemail to administer absence.

Absence Voicemails simply time and date stamps audio recording for review when busy part of the morning is over.


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